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Abrolhos Fishing Charters

Fishing at the Abrolhos.
Is world class.

Abrolhos fishing charters: The Abrolhos offer keen anglers some world class fishing opportunities being home to a diverse range of species. This is due to their proximity to the continental shelf as well as influences from the Leeuwin Current which flows southwards along the western coast of Australia.

The Abrolhos Islands are a spectacular wonderland made up of over 100 islands and associated coral reefs and lagoons. The rugged Indian Ocean forms a natural barrier to over-commercialisation with the closest parts roughly 30 miles offshore. The pristine waters are teaming with wildlife, coral gardens with exquisite colours. and smooth waters in massive lagoons.

The area also holds a rich maritime history including the mutiny of the Batavia in 1629, Guano miners from the 1800’s, and present day Western Rock Lobster fishermen. The Archipelago of 122 islands became a National Park in 2019.

BSS’s Abrolhos fishing charters are a highlight tour for most clientele with the range of species on offer that are usually all high-quality eating.

The majority of the catch is reef species caught with a variety of techniques and the crew at BSS are always keen to experiment with new methods to target any species that a client might wish to tackle.

During the summer and autumn months pelagic species also frequent the waters depending on currents, which always adds to the excitement onboard when reels are screaming.

Western Rock Lobster are also thick on the ground to say the least, easily caught and often on the menu!

There is more than enough quality fishing equipment on-board.  Anglers are welcome to bring their own equipment, although keeping it to a minimum is key to a non-cluttered vessel.

The catch will always be well cared for and whatever is not consumed, will be available to take home at the conclusion of the trip so its advised to have an esky on hand when returning to land. (BSS encourages sustainable fishing practices so if you are after a hardcore plundering fishing tour this might not be the one for you.

Our goal at BSS is to catch standout prize fish for the client whilst having a pleasant time exploring all that the area has to offer.


Spearfishing is a popular and productive way to select what is going to be on the menu whilst immersing in the underwater world.

It is an activity that BSS cater for although clients will need to bring their own spearguns.

In certain areas spearfishing is not exactly over challenging and BSS crew have a firm stance on a ‘take only what you need’ policy.

Check out the gallery for some of the species you may expect to see, some of the main target species include the iconic dhufish, coral trout, pink snapper, Baldchin groper, spangled emperor, Spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna and squid.

Abrolhos Fishing Charter Options

Get in contact if any of these tours are of interest or if we can design a package to suit you.

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