Dominic Scott


Steve is a born and bred Geraldton lad who left school to pursue a career in commercial wetline fishing at the Abrolhos Islands. A dream come true for any angler!

From there he completed 13 seasons crayfishing, further exploring the riches of the Abrolhos on most afternoons after work, when the weather allowed.  Steve enjoyed the work hard, play harder lifestyle. 

After skippering Longliners for large pelagics, charter boats for large groups and working on Offshore vessels, Steve thought it was time to buy a boat to have the opportunity to show others the wonders of the Abrolhos and surrounding waters. Not too many know all areas of the Abrolhos better, as at every available moment Steve can be found exploring new ground and filling in any missing gaps. 

Passionate about making sure every client is comfortable, Steve caters for, and cares about creating memorable experiences for clients while working with the conditions, not against them. Steve has filleted more fish than most and treats it as a precious resource.

His pet hate- gear failure.

Dominic Scott


Al is a born and bred waterman.  Any moment not spent on the water, is spent in it.

With a passion for boats, big waves and adventure he decided, “commercial crayfishing is the only way to go for this young rooster.” Commercial crayfishing was a job where at every opportunity he would be able to sink his teeth into anything the Abrolhos had to offer.

Now after a 40 year career in the maritime industry, Al is taking time to show clients all the special spots he has found over the years and pass on his knowledge of the Abrolhos.

With a ‘can do’ attitude and ‘nothing is ever a problem’ nature, any time spent with Al is a pleasure while at the same time he is effortlessly getting the job done. His wealth of knowledge reading sounders along with decades of waypoints for fishing and diving is sure to impress most as well as ensuring a prize catch or unique underwater experience for everyone. Spearfishing and surfing Jedi.

Signature dish- Chilli Fish.

Dominic Scott


Born and bred in the heart of Melbourne, Kate is well- educated and well-travelled.

After years of Uni and travel she landed on the shores of Geraldton and it wasn’t long before she hooked into the local community, the culture and the lifestyle the area had to offer. Within weeks she found herself bobbing on a crayboat in the Indian Ocean at the Abrolhos and was immediately captivated by the rugged beauty of the pristine location.

Being passionate about keeping the environment healthy, Kate ensures that the business has minimal environmental impact and sustainable fishing practices are adhered to.

Kate is warm, friendly, extremely likable and thoroughly enjoys getting to know the clients. When she isn’t being a Mum, a Mediator or a Lawyer you will find Kate grappling pots, snorkelling and if you’re lucky, cooking you a steamed BBQ lobster.

Hidden talent- Author.

Dominic Scott


Karl is a true fisherman and a true character.

Karl has spent hours on the water fine tuning his skills and sharing his knowledge with others. He is loved by all BSS customers and is a firm believer in getting the passengers hands on and involved in the tour.

Karl has the unique ability to catch a feed in the desert where others can’t.

Alias-Fish Whisperer

Dominic Scott


Customer turned crew Ross can be found on most BSS trips and when he is there you know the food is going to be good.

Floating in the background Ross is a welcome edition onboard as he helps customers with their needs and is also pretty handy on the tongs. Ross is a fishing enthusiast and given the chance will generally snag the standout fish of the day.

Favourite snack-Fish wraps.

Dominic Scott


Shayno is a pirate at heart and is always up for adventure on the high seas.

He is a valuable member of the BSS team and has the ability to become a passengers best mate with little effort. He is passionate about using big tackle and bringing the best baits to help land a big catch.

Shayno is extremely helpful and  always manages to capture those special moments or catches on film.

Favourite hobby-Chook wrangling.