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Batavia Sea Safaris fleet is made up of two vessels which are both extremely practical and lend themselves to any adventure.

Our boats are well loved and solid performers!

They are very versatile and are extremely seaworthy workhorses. 

Both vessels carry WA Fisheries licences which allows for taking of fish and western rock lobsters in accordance with recreational boat limits.

The licence covers all passengers whilst onboard and allows the vessel to pull up to 12 pots, keep up to 40 lobster (8 per pax) and up to 6 W.A. Dhufish (1 per pax).



12m Image build

2C survey 10 pax 2 crew

Cruise speed 16 knots

Single engine shaft driven prop

The Alyeska boasts a 3kw transducer linked to a Furuno 1150.

Viking III

8.5m Alufarm build

2C survey 10 pax 2 crew

Cruise speed 22 knots

Twin outboard

The Viking III is fully foam filled which enables positive flotation.

Although both boats are licensed for a maximum of 10 pax, most tours are conducted with 6 pax or less.

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This creates a more comfortable and spacious vibe which in turn makes for a more pleasurable experience for our guests.

Plus the added bonus is less tangles when fishing!

Two vessel choices


Having the choice of two boats gives Batavia Sea Safaris the flexibility to put package together that best best caters for the clients needs.

Batavia Sea Safaris offers personalised charter and tour options the Abrolhos Islands and surrounding Midwest waters. Our BSS team has wealth of experience in the maritime, fishing and charter industries and are dedicated to showcasing the best the region has to offer!


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