BSS Geraldton & Abrolhos Island Activities
& what you can expect on tours

Our days are filled to the brim with all kinds of events and no set plan, just working with what the conditions best allow for.
This generally includes plenty of good tucker, snorkelling, fishing and sightseeing.


Fishing at the Abrolhos.
World class.

The fishing at the Abrolhos is world class and is a highlight of the tour for most clientele with a range of species on offer that are usually all high-quality eating.

The majority of the catch is reef species caught with a variety of techniques and the crew at BSS are always keen to experiment with new methods to target any species that a client might wish to tackle.

During the summer and autumn months pelagic species also frequent the waters depending on currents, which always adds to the excitement onboard when reels are screaming.


Western Rock Lobster.
Catch & Cook.

Western Rock Lobster are prolific in the waters surrounding Geraldton and the Abrolhos Islands. 

They provide locals with an iconic world-class fishery and can be easily caught year round with the best months being from December to May.

Batavia Sea Safaris was at the forefront of developing a catch and cook tour which is specifically designed to take customers not far from shore to experience pulling craypots then returning to shore to feast on lobster. 

This can all be done comfortably in a few hours.  It is a great way to get a taste of what the region has to offer if you are short on time and is amazing value for money.

Snorkelling & Spearfishing.

Snorkeling & Spear Fishing.

Snorkelling is a must do activity which is encouraged by crew.  The underwater environment at the Abrolhos is nothing short of incredible, leaving clients mesmerized yet refreshed. Locations are plentiful as well as diverse and will be based around passenger capabilities, but usually in quite shallow water. BSS has plenty of masks and flippers available for use, but customers are welcome to bring their own personal equipment including wetsuits during cooler months.

Spearfishing is a popular and productive way to select what is going to be on the menu whilst immersing in the underwater world. It is an activity that BSS cater for although clients will need to bring their own spearguns. In certain areas spearfishing is not exactly over challenging and BSS crew have a firm stance on a ‘take only what you need’ policy.


Humpback Whales.
Bottlenose dolphins & Australian sealions.

Every year there are more and more Humpback whales migrating north through the Midwest in search of warmer waters to calve before returning south again. The best time of year to witness this tends to be between June and October. 

Bottlenose dolphins and Australian sealions are other mammals which are common visitors on most BSS tours, they can be spotted all year round and with their playful nature adds to the entertainment of the trip.


Coral Viewing.

Sightseeing is often a major component of most days as BSS will take the most scenic route to get to a destination. 

There is so much to see along the way if you keep your eyes open! 

The Batavia trail is a must do experience on extended voyages and it is recommended that customers research the mutinous tale or visit the Geraldton Museum before joining the tour. 

Fishermen’s shacks can be bright and colourful and are perched on top of years of broken-down coral, which makes for a sight to see. Coral viewing is a favourite and if you’re lucky enough to experience glass off conditions then hours can be spent cruising the shallows checking out a myriad of interesting coral.


The surf at the Abrolhos Islands can be incredible when conditions allow, which is usually April- September. 

Swells and favourable winds need to line up for the conditions to work.

The BSS team are always keen to give it a go when the conditions are right, but this is best discussed during the booking process to see if it is worth bringing a board on the trip.



Birdwatchers are in for a treat as the Abrolhos is an important breeding ground for a whole variety of seabirds with some being endemic to the area.